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Welcome to my blog! Here I will share some of my thoughts on horn playing and teaching, which I think about a lot, and maybe some other things, too. Since my job (which thankfully, allows me to do a lot of playing and teaching) keeps me very busy, as does my wonderful family, I may not write frequently. My goal will be quality, not quantity!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Little Einsteins

My 3-year old son, Tyler, loves this show - "The Little Einsteins." Each episode features a piece of visual art, and a piece of classical music. I was very pleasantly surprised one day to hear Mozart's 2nd Horn Concerto coming out of the TV - who says TV is bad for kids?
This especially caught my attention, because I'm currently working on memorizing Mozart 2 for a performance at the end of the month with the Western Carolina Civic Orchestra. But the more I watched, I realized they were doing some funny things with our beloved Mozart. The featured piece is billed as the Rondo from K. 417, but they freely mix in a couple other familiar Mozart movements, including the 2nd movement of Mozart 3, the 3rd movement from Mozart 4, and a couple tunes I don't even recognize!

Other fun highlights include when the Little Einsteins sing the tune, and one of the characters (Quincy) plays the horn. My favorite is when they follow the swimming "French Horn" through the ocean in YouTube Part 3! In Part 4, they play a clever countermelody on the conch shell.

Here's Part 1. I highly recommend watching all 4 parts, but if you're pressed for time, Part 3 is my favorite.

Unfortunately, I can't find out who the horn player is. Some of it sounds a lot like the Alan Civil recording I have. Anybody have any other guesses?

On a somewhat related note, I came across this other gem on YouTube...

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