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Welcome to my blog! Here I will share some of my thoughts on horn playing and teaching, which I think about a lot, and maybe some other things, too. Since my job (which thankfully, allows me to do a lot of playing and teaching) keeps me very busy, as does my wonderful family, I may not write frequently. My goal will be quality, not quantity!

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Scales Practice Chart

     Here's a handy practice chart to help you stay organized when practicing your scales with a tempo goal in mind. You can check off or color in the boxes as you are able to play each scale at each tempo.
The tempo indications are for quarter-notes. I have my students play their scales with this rhythmic pattern:

They play their scales up and down, 2 octaves, tongued, followed by the arpeggio. Click on the link and you can download and print the chart.

Scale practice chart

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